The Road and the Sword

Too often I forget myself. My pride swells like a Cracker Barrell-egg-shell-toy-dinosaur that has been left in it’s bowl of water too long. At times like these I’m gently and sometimes subtly reminded with a nudge by the staff of Christ to return to the sheepfold. This reminding is at best a slight, noticeable bump, but at other times it is a sword. A sword that cuts deep into the idols that I cling so tightly to. My grasped knuckles of pride and arrogance, disbelief and panic are as white as my woolen coat. The Shepherd wins, always.

As I walk the road that has been set before me, I seem to long more often for the destination than I ever have before.

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A Poem: On Braggarts

My friend, Seth Haines (@sethhaines) challenged his readers to write a poem constructed from an article or the like by taking, in a most post-modern way, the words out of context, adding a few of your own and creating a poem of sorts. I’m not a poet at all but I love the challenge and I love his idea, so here it goes! I didn’t do it exactly as Seth prescribed but since the rubric requires a decontextualizing of sorts I figured that I had the freedom to change it up a bit. The premise is there anyway. The photo is of the article from The Wall Street Journal online and it was written by Elizabeth Bernstein…

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