Wild Things


         Wild Things

Do wild things know grief?
Are they familiar with the path of pain and fear?
A startled rabbit might bolt into the thicket;
A deer might wheeze and snort,
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Considering Rubbish

Friendship is truly a gift from God. We have some friends who live too far away and we consequently don’t get to see nearly often enough. Our hearts think of them often as they tweet their way into our thoughts and sometimes prayers. Their writing is encouraging and thought-provoking and I’m thankful to know them. Recently Amber has been writing on chains and as go our lives so go the links in the chains.

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A Poem: On Braggarts

My friend, Seth Haines (@sethhaines) challenged his readers to write a poem constructed from an article or the like by taking, in a most post-modern way, the words out of context, adding a few of your own and creating a poem of sorts. I’m not a poet at all but I love the challenge and I love his idea, so here it goes! I didn’t do it exactly as Seth prescribed but since the rubric requires a decontextualizing of sorts I figured that I had the freedom to change it up a bit. The premise is there anyway. The photo is of the article from The Wall Street Journal online and it was written by Elizabeth Bernstein…

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