Wild Things


         Wild Things

Do wild things know grief?
Are they familiar with the path of pain and fear?
A startled rabbit might bolt into the thicket;
A deer might wheeze and snort,
Leaving her nemesis with bounding blur of white. Continue reading


A Land to Till

Seven years prior was my first year.  Three feet of snow on the ground and a December wind owned the landscape on all 3000 acres.  It was estimated that the pheasant population in South Dakota was around 12,000,000 birds that year…a healthy harvest was inevitable.  At three birds a day each, we found our limit easily, despite an unfriendly terrain and unwelcome weather.  And as the sun set on the first day I grasped at time trying to soak in the seemingly endless horizon, the smell of agriculture, the piles of corn, the thousand cattle on a thousand hills, the brotherhood and the beauty of creation.  A creation like I’ve never experienced before.

Now in November, our pursuits find warmer temperatures and friendlier skies.

His name is Oakley Edie. Continue reading