What is humanity’s need and answer to that need?

Do you ever feel like you don’t even know who you are? Do you ever feel flat and unmotivated? I do. We so often thirst and find nothing to quench it. We hunger and attempt to satiate our appetites with sugary sweet calories that only lead us to desire more and more of what harms us.

What’s the answer? Where do we turn? Surely life was meant to be more meaningful than it often turns out to be? We will never be able to find what our hearts so desperately need apart from understanding Jesus’ words in John 6:35, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Every human being has the same need, the need to be filled. Our hungers are only truly satisfied in the one who created our appetites. We,on our own, are incapable of filling this void. Humanity must be saved from outside of itself. Our salvation must be rooted in the transcendent.

Bob Dylan put it well when he said, “human kind cannot save itself.”

The path to being full is trusting that Christ has done for you what you could never do for yourself. The Way and The Truth and The Life is only beautiful to us when we realize that Christ is the only way to truth and life. The way to God is the way of self-sacrifice and Grace. Sweet Grace, the Grace of God found in the Gospel of Christ is first postured toward us in Christ, and then as we see who we are and find our identity in Him we learn to posture this Grace toward one another.

May these thoughts and challenges bring you into a posture of Grace as you see the beauty of the Gospel and learn how to live out in light of God’s gift of Grace in Christ.

Thanks for stopping by!

A note on why I’m writing:

I am writing for my own growth. If you happen to benefit from this blog, then great! Please feel free to leave your thoughts and criticisms. I want to get better at this communication thing. On another note, I am still new to this pastoring thing and what you’ll find here are practices for me to get better at explaining, illustrating and applying scripture to our hearts. Hopefully they encourage you on your journey, whether you are a believer in Christ, a convinced atheist or somewhere in between.

A little About Me:

I love Fly-fishing and being outside. I’ve been given a beautiful wife, 2 boys and a beautiful girl! Held captive by the beauty of Christ. I constantly need more of the gospel not more than the gospel. I believe that Christ died to redeem all of creation and as stewards of this world and builders of his kingdom we are called to participate in the work of reclaiming and restoring creation. I am a Presbyterian and love my church. She belongs to Christ and we belong to her.

I enjoy dark coffee, beer and spending time with my three precious children and my best friend, Alison Herron (not necessarily in that order). The Bible is to be read as a complete work and Christianity is first and foremost about God and His story and then about you and your failure to measure up. Christ has called us to freedom by being bound and united to Him. We must not add or take away from that. Hoping that these short musings minister to you.

In the Lamb,


P.S. all of the photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted.


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